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Having come to our web page you have no doubt already made the decision to improve your personal performance and life.

UPS was formed in response to the increasing demand for individuals and companies to achieve sustainable positive change and results.
UPS provides personalised programmes that will enable and empower you to identify and fulfill your personal, professional and healthy lifestyle goals.

We deliver performance from the inside out with proven techniques, processes and experienced facilitators for
sustainable mindset and behavior change.


To deliver a Real Difference

We encourage people that are looking to improve corporate performance to explore the training market carefully. How often does one get the opportunity to have as their training facilitator someone who has held Regional and Global management roles in Fortune 500 Companies?. Having the confidence to know that the person training you has deep personal experience will allow you to fulfill the outcomes you expect from your goals. With Manjeet and Colin the training delivered comes from not only one such trainer but two extremely seasoned professionals as demonstrated by their Bio’s.

About Ultimate Performance Solutions

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