About The Company


Beliefs and Mission

Ultimate Performance Solutions was established to deliver a Real Difference by Empowering and Enabling you to realize and fulfill your goals. Transformational Coaching is the best investment for sustainable positive change and results. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

To deliver a Real Difference

We offer a proven track record in mentoring and coaching people at all levels, from different backgrounds and cultures having worked in senior management positions in line and staff roles for country, regional and Global offices.


The more you realise that conventional training and teaching styles often fall short in delivering desired results, the more you acknowledge the value of transformational coaching to deliver sustainable results and learning.
Performance from the inside out is achieved using proven techniques and processes (NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, Sport and Exercise psychology – see services for full description) for mindset and behavior change.


Fulfilling your goals

The only limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves”
And as you are guided towards achieving your goals you learn to be aware of and overcome potential obstacles while recognising the unlimited opportunities.



You discover your true values, desired outcomes, goals and by reinventing your true self concept, your perceptions and potentially limiting beliefs you embrace a new freedom and accountability leading you to success.



Coaching helps to develop skills you require and to apply effectively your naturally inherent gifts. The process is all about being self driven in the learning mode and installing positive states. By making informed choices you are in control of your destiny.


Transformational Coaching

Recognising that adults learn differently we coach to define goals and to achieve self direction in learning and re-orienting to fulfill goals.


Sustainable positive change and results

Using dynamic and deep seated change tools like Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Subconscious reprogramming, Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) we align your Beliefs, Perceptions and Behaviors to your desired goal achievement .


Balanced Life

Naturally, managing your inner state alongside your Health, Family, Business and Personal goals makes for a balanced and happy life. Self care is the foundation to excellence.


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