Managing Director – Manjeet Kaur


Manjeet comes from a business background spending the latter 15 years of her 23 year corporate career in global cosmetics company Avon. Her forte has always been in the understanding and delivery of customer needs, primarily in the marketing and sales sector, having held senior executive positions in the countries Malaysia & India, in the Asian Regional office and Global office, New York.Manjeet’s corporate exposure includes Marketing, Sales, Strategic planning and Process reengineering in country, regionally & globally, and thus has dealt with a diversity of people.

Her keen interest in being self driven and balanced while delivering desired results has driven her to seek out transformative ways of thinking, communicating and learning effectively.

Since leaving the corporate sector in 2006, Manjeet set up Ultimate Performance Solutions and as principal trainer has been running programs which have attracted individual and corporate clients from Rentwise, CSA, Avon, Redtone, Nordenia, Jobstreet, Melia Hotel, MUI Insurance, MECI, Sanofi, Clinique, Megaswira, along with many other leading corporates who naturally expect continuous improvement.

Often ranked ‘Very Good or Excellent’ by participants, she delivers the desired outcome.“ Her personal realization of how to achieve goals is now reflected in today’s research, which points to ‘inner change’ before outer manifestation. This is about achieving sustainable results!

Manjeet is now convinced that Leading edge (mental and emotional) tools like Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Hypnosis are what’s required to make learning fast and effective to deliver required results. I am a Certified Trainer in NLP (NFNLP, USA), Certified Hypnotherapist (USA) , AAMET Trainer and Advance Level 3 practitioner in EFT (London) and energy performance coach.

Her expertise is in;

  • Reprogramming the mind – removing outdated perceptions/ beliefs /emotional links and installing new positive ones
  • Communication excellence – creating natural easy rapport, listening and influencing skills via the key to the mind; leading-edge tool Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Understanding and using emotions positively – all emotions are good and can be used to power towards our goals
  • Relaxation and Balance – A Mind-Body-Spirit approach to a holistic, fulfilling life.
“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.”
Sir Walter Scott, Novelist and Poet


What participants are saying about NLP training by Manjeet Kaur:


I have spent approximately 2 years working with Manjeet during which time I was fortunate to train in NLP under her. Apart from just conducting great training courses, I have to say that Manjeet truly lives and breathes all she teaches. On a personal note, she is a kind, gentle and truly genuine person who is honestly interested in helping others transform themselves into better people. From her youthful and exuberant personality, it is hard to imagine that she is actually a Grandmother to twin 4 year old boys! She is one Trainer / Mentor / Coach / Role model that really Walks the Talk and I would encourage all wishing to make permanent life changes to seek out Manjeet.

J. Ong

The sharing of the participants and also draw me out from my comfort zone to share.

Lai Kien Wah

You & your fortune of knowledge. Thank you.

Leona Bennett

Now I have known my weakness and how to overcome them.

Xavier Suren

New learnings about VAK, Anchoring(communications), EFT.

Lee Boon Hoo

That it’s very appllicable to real life and allowed for a lot of practice on real life issues.

Rozella Kazali Wong

I found a new me, able to interact more easily with strangers and a better communicator.

Choo Looi Ee

The openness of participants to share their thoughts and experience. The trainer talks to answer all our questions.

Mohd Azman , Learning and Development Manager

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