“It is easier to instill confidence than competence, and training designed to increase confidence without competence can set the trainee up for failure”

What we do teach,

Techniques taken from a variety of sources although primarily Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) based. Researched for effectiveness and with the correct attitude and discipline they can be learned, retained and Applied.


What we don’t teach,

Feel Good Training; Almost every day we see adverts for business training courses in a variety of disciplines. These generally provide what we assume are valuable skills but do we always consider how in depth if at all the environmental aspects in terms of application of the learned skills are covered? For example if negotiating a complex Joint Venture, Merger, Acquisition or closing of a significant deal has the trainer applied these skills personally in a dynamic business environment?

A key differentiator that Ultimate Performance Solutions brings to the table is trainers that have applied these skills with great success in the real world of business.

The following testimonial we believe reflects this,

I was fortunate that my previous company put me through AppliedNLP™ training with Manjeet and Colin. I have to say at the mid point of the training I was questioning whether or not I could grasp and apply the skills and was on the verge of giving up. Then the light bulb REALLY did come on and I started to apply and continue to apply and develop the skills been transferred. There can be no doubt about it, Manjeet and Colin push hard and the enthusiasm and attention to details they personally put in with all trainees is overwhelming. I have since moved on from the mentioned company, set up my own business which is successful and in the 2nd year of growth AND I take any opportunity I can to retrain with Manjeet and Colin”

Xavier Suren

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