Level 1 is the foundation from which all EFT artistry evolves. Everyone starts at this Level, whether learning EFT for yourself or with a view to becoming a therapist, or adding to an existing therapeutic toolbox. We believe a thorough grounding in the basics of this technique are essential for each and every one of us, no matter what other experience or qualifications we bring to it.
This workshop is exciting and often life changing as we work on real-life issues. You will finish the day able and excited to use the technique for yourself, and on your friends and family, to resolve a wide variety of anxieties, problems and stress symptoms. If you are already a health practitioner you will have mastered the basics enough to get very significant results with clients straightaway.
Our Introductory Training is intended to be complete in its own right – so that even if you decide to go no further with formal training you will have gained a precious tool for life. However, you may be inspired to take your learning further and join us in reaching next levels of artistry. The basics of EFT are simple to learn and, we believe, ought to be available to everyone – gaining mastery and true expertise takes time, practice and commitment – As well as really good teaching.

 AAMET Level 1 Foundation Syllabus

Course Overview

Purpose A basic introduction to EFT.
Duration Core competencies will be taught as a one-day course.
Status Does not confer Practitioner status.
Completion Criteria

Does not require case studies or examination.

The trainer will keep on record any reservation that he/she has about the ability of any trainee to progress to AAMET Level 2, should they wish to.

Practical/Theory balance A minimum of 33% of course time to be spent on practical exercise including borrowing benefits from a demonstration and supervised paired work. 

Course Objectives To enable the trainee to:

Knowledge Have a basic working understanding of EFT

Use EFT for their own issues.

  Use EFT with family & friends in a non-professional capacity. 

Our Introductory Workshop allows plenty of time to watch trainer demos, and to practice using the techniques on yourself and others whilst in a safe, nurturing environment.



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