Level 2 Practitioner Training is the next step towards excellence after attending the Level 1 Introductory Workshop. The 2-day training is open to anyone who has completed an AAMET Level 1 Workshop.
This training goes from the basic mechanics of EFT into the beginnings of artistry. You will begin to develop your confidence, intuition and creativity with these techniques. We aim to support you in striving for excellence, through developing your basic skills to a high standard. Topics include working with trauma, physical pain, phobias, aspects, and uncovering core issues.

 AAMET Level 2 Syllabus: Practitioner Level

Course Overview

Purpose To teach the core competencies required by AAMET
Status AAMET Practitioner
Pre-course criteria Sight of trainee’s AAMET Level 1 certificate.
Duration AAMET Level 2 core competencies are to be taught as a two day (minimum) course. Trainers are free to extend their course by inclusion of additional material, exercises or practice sessions as they see fit.
Practical/Theory balance A minimum of 33% of course time to be spent on practical exercise including borrowing benefits from a demonstration and supervised paired work.
Post course assessment Post course assessment is by a multiple choice test and a minimum of 4 case studies, practice & supervision.
Completion Criteria

The minimum requirement for an AAMET EFT practitioner is successful completion of an AAMET Level 2 training course and fulfillment of post-course assessment criteria.

Accredited and certified AAMET

After completing an AAMET Level 2 course, EFT students have the option of pursuing AAMET EFT Practitioner Certification. Conditions apply.


Course Objectives To enable the trainee to:


Have a thorough knowledge of the EFT techniques required by a competent AAMET practitioner.
Have an appreciation of other (non EFT) areas of knowledge or skill typically required to work as an AAMET practitioner.


Practice / Application




Certification will be subject to a practical assessment, the submission of case studies , practice hours and an online test (to be completed after the training).
Certificate, a workbook, coaching support is included. A DVD set ‘The EFT Course’ with over 13 hours of EFT application (valued at about RM200.00) is included with Level 2 Practitioner level.



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