For the past 10 years I have been trying various techniques and methods, exercises to help overcome my physical, mental and emotional fatigue; Most of them requires a prop or a setup/ environment in order to perform, and which may be a little troublesome.

I have recently been blessed with a powerful technique called EFT, which acts like an amazing tool that actually takes less than 30 seconds to help elevate my spirit and wellness.

EFT works by tapping on body points that releases chemical reaction which helps in calming down the nerves and cardio respiratory symptoms we face due to the nature of the job stress. It’s as simple as tapping on your thumb. It’s also a great assessment tool to help me rule out whether the patient is suffering a physical pain or if its related to the emotional state.

If you’re looking for an alternative therapy that doesn’t require supplements or invasive procedures then you should explore more about EFT,

Thank you!

 – Jeetinder ( Physiotherapist)


“Life changing! I have been looking for practical tools to heal myself yet it was only today with EFT that a ‘weight/block’ shifted. I still have a lot more work to do but I am also very hopeful in my journey towards self-love”

Mooza Mohd, Malaysia ( Educator )


EFT is both a science and an art and there is such a big difference between all the levels that are offered.

That first time I tapped with someone I felt so different and was surprised how much was released. Level 1 was great for explaining the science behind EFT and gives me more insight on how to use the technique with greater effect. I then went on to level 2 where I was shown the art of EFT by Manjeet. She showed us creative techniques to move closer to the core issues while working for 2 days in a group we had many deep shifts while building our confidence to share EFT in our communities.

Since completing level 2 I have seen chronic knee pain disappear, headaches cured, anger stopped and self sabotage neutralised it is such a simple gift to share with the world and what a peaceful world we could live in if more people knew this technique. Thank you Manjeet for bringing EFT into my life.

Dharamjot Kaur Khalsa  ( Counselor, Therapist, Yoga teacher)

“When you do Level 1 EFT, it is like a whole new world of possibilities is opened up for you.  So many things can shift, change, and yes, even be healed!  When you leave the EFT  Level I class you are so excited, armed with so much information and techniques.  Plus once you practice on yourself and friends and family and witness the amazing changes, it is easy to think that “this must be as good as it gets!” coz it is already so, so good.

Believe it or not, it can and does get even better, and even more effective after the Level II EFT workshop. The information and knowledge, plus the experience I gained after Level II was ‘Wow-inspiring’!  The depth that we get into allows us to go further into helping others and ourselves.  I truly enjoyed Manjeet’s classes which were brimming with information and humour. Clearly Manjeet is passionate about EFT and it is contagious. It translates into we ourselves becoming more confident and focused as Level II Practitioners. I am so grateful I did my Level II and I highly recommend anyone who has done Level I to do Level II as well, whether or not you intend to go ‘pro’. You will be really glad you did.”

Love and light, Karen Dawson

An amazing experience how EFT can work on healing real life encounters, lift-off heavy burdens and change pattrens in life for the better. Brings so much calmness and an open feeling.


I am just amazed how this tapping technique can heal/unblock the heavy feeling I have had for quite some time.


I AM ABLE TO GET OUT OF FEAR. I am able to accept myself as the most wonderful person.

Datin Guma

I immediately felt relaxed and like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. I definitely need to do more work on myself but that would help me even more.

Suba Manohar

EFT really can help me with release from the worry I have before this. I learnt it , very easy & fast way to come out from problems . I also learnt the techniques to overcome my problems and love myself . Thank you!


I see my life changing before my eyes. I am a success story on receiving EFT healing a few years ago and today I’ve learnt how ! GOD BLESS.


I knew things can be fixed within and I will need to practice it to make it work . Most importantly, its within my control and no excuses on this!




“Manjeet worked with me using EFT, on my painful issue by way of a ‘story’…as I outlined the detail of how my beloved pet cat Boots was run over and killed she very sensitively noted changes in my body language and voice and tapped on the parts of the story which were most intense for me. This we did to it’s conclusion, then to ‘test’ that all the work was done she had me retell my story and worked until all the emotion was discharged. I will never forget my pet but I no longer remember him with such sadness and regret.”

 – Jan Read , London Probation , London Bridge


“ My ankle has given me pain when walking ever since I sprained it nearly 3 years ago .A truly amazing experience – I was lead gently and sympathetically through the EFT process. My relationship with the pain in my ankle has transformed and moved on *I no longer feel the pain*. I can’t thank you enough Manjeet.”

Rose MacDonald , Project Manager – London


“Over-whelmed with heavy workload at the on-slaught of the new school year, time constraints and stress, I came down with a very bad throat infection and flu that caused me to have a barely audible, hoarse voice and heavy pressure on my chest.(first time I ‘ve got such a bad case of flu)Manjeet took pity on me. She gave me a healing session…a combination of EFT and Reconnective healing and immediately after, I felt refreshed. My chest felt relieved and my throat less tight..and my voice sounded much better!  Amazing! Thank you,Manjeet.”

Molly Ong , Principal Smart Reader , Malaysia


“EFT had made such an impact on my life that I can only wish for everyone to at least it try it once.The beauty of EFT is it’s at your disposable to use it in whatever means and ways at you need at any moment, relationship, work, fear, anxiety,etc….you name it, EFT CAN HELP YOU and the best thing is ….you do it whenever and wherever you are …….incognito.

Actual results : I have now achieved an income twice what I earned from last year, I overcame what I thought was work issues at workplace, I help my kids use EFT when they are sick or fearful, my husband is more supportive on what I say and do compared to the last 15 years of my marriage, I laugh more, I do not get angry easily nowadays. I still have issues but with EFT I know I can face and let them go.

Please do yourselves a favour and check what EFT can do for you. A solution once taught you take home and apply it anyway you need it. No medications, no other stimulus needed, no recordings, nothing ,….just tap away when you feel overcome with emotions that threatened to take your peace of mind from you.”

Rani Kaur, Manager , Malaysia


“I was always told that my headstrong behavior and limiting beliefs came from my conditioning and upbringing…………………. and that I would never change. I was hurting and came to a point whereby I knew I wanted to change these limiting beliefs – for my own good and happiness.Manjeet helped me change my perception of myself and what was happening around me . I now believe that we can be free of deep rooted beliefs and childhood conditioning that shackle us. I now believe in myself .

I am feeling more confident, self assured and on my way to creating a more positive reality for myself. Thanks Manjeet!”

Sheila M., Manager, Malaysia .

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