This is a revolutionary new approach to self-improvement. This beautiful Mind- Body-Spirit approach to self-hypnosis is taught while in a state of hypnosis, where you learn to deprogram your mind to eliminate old programs and limiting beliefs and patterns. We call this process “Emptying The Cup”.

Why the 7th Path™ exceeds other self-hypnosis program?

It is the first self-hypnosis program that we know of that allows you to first remove the old programming that blocks success & happiness.

It is especially designed to work well with a Mind-Body-Spirit approach, often not included in so many other self improvement or self-hypnosis programs.

It is especially easy to do, and most practitioners will be successful at achieving self-hypnosis from the very first session. Why? Because you learn 7th Path self hypnosis while in a state of hypnosis!

It is especially designed to utilize an individual’s own belief system.

If you are a spiritual person, those beliefs can be a very important part of your changes. Especially when the changes that you want to make will make you a better or healthier person. If you are not really all that spiritual in your belief systems, that is okay too. You can benefit from the 7th Path™ system by simply using making a few adjustments, which you will be shown how to do.


The 7th Path™ Is Simple

Within the first workshop, you can master the techniques used in 7th Path Self-Hypnosis.
Anyone of normal intelligence who wants to learn this process can learn it, and use it to make powerful changes in their lives. Using it just 5 to 20 minutes a day in the privacy of your own space is all it needs.
You will find the process is simple, yet profound in its ability to help you move along in life, moving you past old blockages to success.

What can 7th Path™ help with?

  • Overcome bad habits such as smoking, nail biting, excessive snacking, procrastinating, and over sleeping.
  • Create new habits such as exercising regularly, self-motivation, being more patient with others and more.
  • Self-improvement such as improving self-confidence, reducing stress, public speaking, overcome fears, and more.


7th Path™ Class highlights

  • How the mind works
  • How Hypnosis works
  • Understanding & Awareness of Emotions
  • How to induce self hypnosis and release through the process
  • How to construct hypnotic suggestions to make the changes or achieve the goals you want


It’s self improvement in the privacy of your own mind.

Join those from around the world that are now using our unique approach to self-hypnosis to overcome old problems and to excel in your future. This class is for everyone who wants to improve themselves in one way or another!

How can I get on the PATH?

Join our 1 day class to get on the PATH

Student workbook provided

Free on-line community of 7th PATH practitioners




What I really liked about the 7 PATH Self Hypnosis class was the feeling of peacefulness and calmness. I look forward to using self hypnosis as a method to reduce stress and achieving my goals.


What I like about the 7th PATH is being able to feel so connected to self once again in the shortest of time! I always take a few days to do this self reconnection and reflection but am excited to know that I can do it in a shorter time! And there is a system in place….

Thanks dearie I will see you at the next level!

– Michelle C’hng

I enjoyed the 7th PATH Self Hypnosis Class. I wasn’t sure how I would react to it or how receptive I would be at first but you helped me to focus and relax and ‘allow’. I do believe that recognitions will help me ‘drain’ myself of any issues I have and allow me to be able to follow through the future with less problems than I have faced had I not done this.


I have a strong background in science and I normally quite a scientific thinker. I have to say that this experience, and hypnosis in general, has caused me to broaden my thinking quite a bit.”

John Kane CH


“From the day I started learning 7th Path, I felt new kind of feeling of calm seeping into my life. Old insecure habits, like obsessively worrying when things are uncertain, are being replaced gradually, day after day, with feelings of cool detached strength. I know that everything will be “okay,” but even when they turn out “not okay” I know that I’ll be able to handle it.

Michael Giles, Hypnotist and Self-Hypnosis Teacher, Beijing and Boston.

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