• I have had many years of AppliedNLP™ training during my years working for and with Colin. I have also attended AppliedNLP™ training conducted by Manjeet, whom I have found to be one of the best NLP trainers I have trained with.
    Colin and Manjeet are now conducting joint training using AppliedNLP™ in all areas of business. Rentwise continues to engage with them and unlike many training programmes where the trainers have little business experience, they both are two phenomenally experienced business professionals having worked in top management roles in leading businesses. Manjeet and Colin jointly delivering AppliedNLP™ training is an incredible differentiator and value add. They bring with them a wealth of experience and will change the way your organization thinks, communicates and delivers results.

    Leanne Ooi
    Executive Director, RENTWISE
  • Both Manjeet and Colin come with strong business backgrounds and the benefits of their significant corporate experience becomes beneficial to all the participants. The discussion meeting prior to the course was also greatly beneficial as Manjeet and Colin modified the training to incorporate key messages that we wished to address

    Philippe Bartolli
    MD-Mondi Asia

  • Colin is an exceptional commercial talent and deal maker. A high energy, self-starter he was responsible for the start-up and rapid development of the Malaysian Business. He has a track record of achieving demanding targets. A seasoned expert in Asian business culture who leads his team by example he will be a great asset to any business looking for rapid profitable growth.

    Damian Broadbent
    Managing Director - Asia. Macquarie Corporate and Asset Finance -
    Equipment Finance. Macquarie Group
  • Colin’s transference of NLP skill sets and programs into a communication excellence tool kit far surpasses any other practitioner I have met. How often does one experience a trainer that has ran businesses from Oil and Gas companies to a leading Bank and in geographies ranging from India to Japan to New Zealand? He embarks on turning NLP into an effective trail of communication triggers from his story telling right up to the emails he writes, scoring high success rates in the responses he gets. Colin is definitely an NLP communicator at its best.. par excellence.

    Rani Kaur
    Service Learning & Student Relations Manager - Taylor's University

  • Colin was the former CEO of Rentwise and during his tenure up until now as a Director he always makes himself available to the Rentwise management. He periodically upgrades the Sales NLP training we have been through and I myself was fortunate to take my NLP Practitioner certification from his wife, arguably one of the best NLP trainers in SE Asia. Anyone who has ever worked with, for or been trained / mentored by Colin can’t but be overwhelmed by the enthusiasm he always brings to everything he is involved in.

    Mandy Sam
    Managing Director - Rentwise
  • That I’m now able to completely understand why people react in the way that they do and how knowing this now helps me communicate so much better with all types of people.

    Navin Kumar
    Tech Services Manager
  • I have gained some personal tools to help me overcome immediate obstacles in a fast and efficient manner. I have seen amazing results even as a beginner.

    Gordon Miller

  • New learnings about VAK, Anchoring(communications), EFT.

    Lee Boon Hoo
    Sales Director, CSA
  • I found a new me, able to interact more easily with strangers and a better communicator.

    Choo Looi Ee
  • The openness of participants to share their thoughts and experience. The trainer talks to answer all our questions.

    Mohd Azman
    Learning & Development Manager, CSA
  • The sharing of the participants and has also drawn me out from my comfort zone to share.

    Lai Kien Wah
    Senior Account Manager

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