Our aim in teaching at this level is to develop a community of top-level EFT professionals with the skills and personal qualities to have their work make a real impact in the world. This training is for serious students who are keen to keep learning and growing, personally and professionally. The training consists of a 2-day workshop, and Level 3 status is awarded when you submit acceptable case histories. You will then be responsible for maintaining your status through Mentoring and Continuing Professional Development.

We are passionate about teaching Level 3, and while the workshops are challenging this is where the fun really begins, personal breakthroughs often come, and true friendships are forged.

Once qualified, all Level 3 practitioners are asked to commit to a Mentoring Programme with us (as per AAMET training requirements) for their first 12 months practicing at this level.  We offer a variety of ways of doing this:  one to one sessions or one day group mentoring days. For further details and to book please   Contact Us    


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